OBE Office Moves Half a Block North – Still in Hi-Park

The Omaha Builders Exchange office and plan room has been moved to 4159 South 94th Street, about half a block north of the prior quarters.  The move was effective November 1, 2016.

Volunteer help from several OBE board members made short work of the job, especially with the help of Ron Wellendorf and his crew from Builders Supply.  Ron, a long-time board member and former OBE president, showed up with several men, a flatbed and truck-mounted forklift.

“The office and plan room is still in Hannibal Industrial Park,” said Bob Wiechert of Lincoln Laminating, the OBE board member who led  the charge in securing the new space.  “Gary Hannibal worked hard to accommodate the needs of OBE, and we’re glad to have such a fine relationship with him.”  “OBE members won’t have to go far to find the new space, being just a few doors north of the old office in the “Hi-Park” development,” Bob said.

Gary’s father, Russ Hannibal, was an OBE Board Member for many, many years.  The more seasoned OBE members will remember Russ’ time on the board and always be grateful for Russ’ service and leadership.

The move went smoothly for the most part, but the volunteer team couldn’t budge the plan bins, which were apparently field-constructed of 5/8 inch MDF when OBE moved to the former space.  Though a photo is not available, the crew stood back as Dick “The Hammer” McMahon of Waldinger Corporation, board member and incoming OBE president, began deconstructing the old bins with the nearest available hammer.

Rich Boone, of Boone Bros. Roofing, a board member and past-president of OBE, gave Dick a breather from the bin-smashing project.  Undeterred by the lack of a roofing hammer, Mr. Boone quickly completed deconstruction of the old bins.

New bins are on order and will be installed soon in the new quarters.

“The space is smaller now and more manageable for the board, but there is still enough space for the members who use the plan room,” said Steve Johnson, of Johnson Sales, the current OBE President.  “Over the last decade or so, more and more members have gone to using digital plans rather than coming to the plan room,” he commented.

“We’re meeting the demand for digital plans with the new OBE Online Planroom, but we recognize there are still some members who like to work with paper plans, so their needs are met with this new space,” Steve said.

The OBE plan room continues to be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Lisa Shockey is busy making the new space friendly and inviting as the former location.  Feel free to stop by  and check it out when you’re in the area.