Features of the New OBE Online Planroom

Features of the NEW OBE Online Planroom 

The NEW OBE Online Planroom is a digital, state-of-the-art online repository, where OBE Members access and download all available plans, specifications, and addenda for Nebraska and Western Iowa construction projects.  It is designed to get OBE members where they want to be, and FAST!

  • Member access includes features such as On-Screen Takeoff, Quick-Eye display of project plans, specs and addenda, and access to My Desk, New Projects, Bidding Projects and Bid Results on their mobile devices.
  • The bulk download utility provides OBE Members flexibility in quickly accessing multiple project documents.
  • At the Bidding Projects list, OBE Members can view bidding, or past-bid projects organized by bid date.
  • By clicking on the project name, OBE Members are directed to a “Project Details” page with the project information and useful tools available as well as links to view, download and print project plans, specs and addenda.
  • From Project Details, OBE Members can view the project activity to see a list of other OBE Online Planroom users looking at the project, request to be listed on bidder’s lists, order prints or open the documents in On Screen Takeoff.
  • The OST tool allows jobs to be downloaded and printed, AND basic take-off and measuring tools can be used to compile bids by OBE Members who currently lack access to similar tools.
  • The OBE Online Planroom also offers a robust search function which allows OBE Members to search all the specs and addenda by keyword. Using this tool, specialty contractors and suppliers can easily identify projects that contain the work they do!
  • Additionally, OBE Members can also subscribe to receive nightly project updates via email that display updates on their tracked projects, new projects received, new addenda posted, or notifications of new projects that contain the keywords indicated by the member.
  • And, upon request of the project owner or design professional, OBE Online Planroom will create private projects which are assigned a private web address and password for distribution to those who are to be invited to view the project.

Call or email Lisa Shockey today to sign-up for the NEW OBE Online Planroom today!

Phone: (402) 991-6906  Email: lisa.shockey@omahaplanroom.com