Welcome to the Omaha Builders Exchange!

The Omaha Builders Exchange (OBE) is a progressive, member-oriented
non-profit association dedicated to supporting the construction industry throughout Nebraska and western Iowa. OBE is still the original social and networking group founded in 1889, as well as an evolved plan room with
more than 500 members, a proud 127-year history, and a growing philanthropic vision.

On July 1, 2016, we announced the OBE Board had resumed direct management of the OBE Planroom after more than 25 years of contract management.  And now, we have MORE GOOD NEWS for our members!

More Good News!

Omaha Builders Exchange Introduces Locally Managed Online Planroom

December 5, 2016

Steve Johnson, President of Omaha Builders Exchange, Inc., announced today that OBE has established the OBE Online Planroom, a digital, state-of-the-art online repository, where OBE Members are able to access and download all available plans, specifications, and addenda for Nebraska and western Iowa construction projects.

“The OBE board wanted to provide great service and superior value to OBE members, and this new OBE Online Planroom will help accomplish that goal,” Johnson said.  “And,” he continued, “being a non-profit organization, Omaha Builders Exchange is able to provide this service to our members at a very reasonable cost.   What’s more, we believe the quantity, quality, and access to information will be equivalent or superior in all respects.”

“Any excess revenues generated through memberships to the OBE Online Planroom will be used to support programs benefiting the Nebraska and Western Iowa construction industry, including our existing programs that provide grants and scholarships in support of construction education,” he added.

“We have a great relationship with the local design professional community, and they’re going to love this new OBE Online Planroom, which is designed to ensure that all plans and specs are accurately uploaded in-full and promptly updated with the latest addenda and changes.  The integrity of their plans and specifications will be protected by this system.”

“This is a real win-win for our members, they get a better deal on the construction news and information they need at their desktops, while supporting the local industry at the same time,” Johnson concluded.

As of December 5, 2016, all OBE Members are eligible to purchase an annual membership to the NEW Omaha Builders Exchange Online Planroom.  The OBE Online Planroom is designed to get OBE Members where they need to be – and FAST!

As an OBE Member, you can purchase access to the OBE Online Planroom for a very competitive annual fee.  And best of all, your membership fees stay in our local area, helping OBE serve local needs and our non-profit mission.  Subscription forms are available from Lisa Shockey at the OBE Office 402-991-6906 or on our website at www.omahaplanroom.com.  Please join today! 

And, if you’re not a current OBE Member why not join or renew today!  Your membership and subscription can be bundled together.  We make it EASY for YOU!  Call Lisa Shockey and get signed up today!


Photo: Mike Wilson