Omaha Builders Exchange Services

The Omaha Builders Exchange provides comprehensive sources of the most current bidding information. It furnishes you with weekly and daily information on practically all commercial construction being let for competitive bids throughout Nebraska, Iowa and in selected areas of nearby states. It also contains information on negotiated contracts for which subcontractors are being sought. Members of the Omaha Builders Exchange receive the following services and benefits:

Update PublicationTHE "CONSTRUCTION UPDATE" PUBLICATION is received by our members each Monday morning. Information for this weekly bulletin is gathered by Construction Update reporters using our statewide contacts with architects, engineers and building owners. These contacts allow our Plan Room Network to track projects from the beginning "Future Project Section" through bid opening day and "Low Bid Reports". As you can see in the enclosed copy, the "Construction Update" provides you with detailed descriptions of current projects along with a complete list of prospective bidding contractors, their addresses, phone & fax numbers.

THE "NIGHTLINE FAX" report is a listing of the new plans and addenda received each day at the plan room, as well as an updated list of bidding contractors on projects let that next day. Our members receive this report overnight via fax or e-mail and no longer miss those last minute addenda. View a sample "Nightline Fax" here.

NON-CASH SECURITY CARDS - The Omaha Builder's Exchange with the support and endorsement of the Omaha Chapter of Nebraska Society of Architects, has adopted the non-cash security method, exclusively for OBE members to secure a set of plans without a cash deposit.

A SAFETY RESOURCE CENTER is located in each of the Construction Update Plan Room Network offices and has informative safety videos available for our members to check out free of charge as well as State and Federal required jobsite postings.

PlanroomCONTEMPORARY PLAN ROOM FACILITIES - The Omaha Builders Exchange is conveniently located and fully equipped with a state of the art plan copier, fax services, private takeoff tables and phone booth.

PLAN CHECK-OUT PRIVILEGES - Members are allowed to reserve up to three sets of plans for an evening or weekend. Plans can be taken out after 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, and to be returned by 8:00 am the next working day.

The Omaha Builders Exchange is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to distributing low cost, quality bidding information to the construction industry.